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Fuyi Tech Co., Ltd

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9F, No. 142, Longsheng Rd., Gushan Dist., 80452 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Asia 80452
9F, No. 142, Longsheng Rd., Gushan Dist., 80452 Kaohsiung, Taiwan 80452
Phone: +6596680370

Parylene coating service, selling Parylene C, N and AF4 material. conformal coating material which can be used to protect any component configuration, substrates, metal, glass, paper, resin, plastic,

FU YI has a team of professional surface treatment experts and chemical engineers from Singapore and Taiwan. We specializes in Parylene Coating and Eco Friendly Nano-coating. Through more than 30 years of technical experience, we studied to solve and improved the surface treatment of countless industries. Our business philosophy: "Excellence, Responsibility, Research and Development, Cooperation", we will do our best to meet customer needs.

Parylene Coating adopts thermoplastic polymer and forms a conformal coating without any pinhole on the surface of the object by vapor deposition treatment at room temperature in a vacuum chamber. The coating thickness of the film can be controlled from 1 μm to 100 μm (microns), coatings can be used in a variety of high-value industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical and precision industries.

We also have integrated a number of advanced materials and are committed to develop various high-performance Nano-Ceramic Coatings such as high anti-rust, anti-fingerprint, abrasion resistance, high heat dissipation, oxidation resistance, insulation and high transparency. They are used in automotive parts, communication and medical industries. We provide customers with a full range of surface treatment solutions for electronics and other industries.

Alt Phone: +65-96680370

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