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F-26, Second Floor, Cabin-2, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab, India 160071

Computerspace is dedicated to high end, professional, gaming and general computing computer system. We will provide you the best possible solution. 100% of pro customers. Dedicated customer support, Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone calling and email. You may ask anytime. We will reach your earliest.

Build Your High-End Professional Computers. Graphics Card, Motherboard, Cabinet, Accessories, etc.

Best computer cases in 2019

Everyone is different when it comes down choosing the best PC cases to suit their need. There are multiple options for choosing computer cases for building your own computer, These all are the best computer cases in 2019.


Cooler Master Masterbox Q500L Case.

Cooler Master Masterbox Q500 is the mid-tower pc chassis with an ATX power supply, clearance for the graphics card can reach up to 360mm. It supports a 240mm radiator up top, the MasterBox Q500L fits fully-sized powerhouse.



The MSI MAG VAMPIREIC 010 Black computer case with a Mid-tower offers you a trendy design dominated by its Black color schemes and RGB backlight. This is the process of steel construction. A great advantage is the option of a reliable reduction in extreme temperatures using bigger heatsink and fans that fit seamlessly into the cases. The main control panel, providing the control and connection of various peripherals, is located on the top of the cabinet. We can place the atx motherboard in the MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 010 BLACK tower.


Cooler  Master Mastercase SL600M Cabinet.

Cooler master case SL 600M Cabinet is The top and front of the case are clad in anodized aluminum with a smooth sand-blasted finish. It has 200mm fans that take in air from the bottom, hot air rises out of the case and exits out of the top in a natural direction for efficient thermal performance.e SL600M has versatile brackets that can mount an SSD, HDD, a water pump, or reservoir.




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APC Doctor

210 Stonemere Green Chestermere, AB T1X 0S2, Canada, Chestermere, Alberta, Canada T1X 0S2
Summary: A computer wherever used is vulnerable to complicated problems that cannot be diagnosed and corrected by all. Therefore, we’re providing you with mobile Computer [...]
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