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Thatching is a mixed bag of emotions. There is the satisfaction of the finished roof. Like an artist you can stand back and view your labour in all its glory. Then there is the feeling of historic importance. Your work may be preserving the heritage, the integrity, or the history of a building. Next is the client. The happiness of the owner as you work until completion; them knowing that the roof is secure for another few decades, with any luck. Sometimes even, there is the profit at the end of the job.

Thatching also has downsides. Most, if not all thatchers work on a price. There is risk involved. I’d bet my Wife that there would not be a thatcher alive or dead who has not experienced the kick in the guts of  finishing a roof on the losing side. Weather plays a major part in this. As does unexpected factors such as ‘It was worse than you thought’ and ‘It took much longer than anticipated’. Such is life for all the self-employed.

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The view from the road can be a satisfying one for the passerby. A thatcher, or team of thatchers beavering away on a roof in the sunshine is a wonder to behold. Those moments are wonderful for the thatcher also. Sometimes it is an excuse to avoid work and yap, intermittently, all day long. But there are daggers in them there views, to mangle a phrase. Daggers such as dust, especially when stripping old thatch from a roof – and crap getting in your eyes. Terrible. Also, the aching knees and feet from being on a ladder all day contribute wee daggers too. And there’s more. But thatchers are hardy. Resilient. Well the ones that persevere are. 

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