Online meeting

Online Meeting Tools: Three ways to Stay Connected

The days of face to face meetings are numbered, so get ahead and check out our list of 3 great online meeting platforms.
Online meeting

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Face to Face Meetings a thing of the past

Of course, it can be great to have business meetings in person, but that is not always practical. Moreover, with the current coronavirus pandemic putting the world under lockdown, having business meetings face to face is impossible right now. It could also mean that the days of holding meetings the traditional way are numbered. Consequently, there has been a huge rise in the use of online meeting tools, and businesses are turning to these platforms in larger numbers.

A rise in the use of online meeting tools

More and more businesses are conducting meetings remotely. In fact, being able to conduct meetings remotely opens up many opportunities for business growth. For example, it means you can have clients from all over the world and utilise freelancers based in different locations. With modern computers and fast broadband, holding an online meeting has never been easier. Therefore, this article will explore some of the great online meeting platforms that you can use to conduct meetings remotely.

1. Skype for online meetings

Skype is a popular application that provides the capacity for both video and audio calls. If you are using Windows 10, then you will already have Skype installed. You just might not realise it. Although people mostly see it as a consumer product, it offers some great online meeting tools for business use as well. Unfortunately Microsoft is phasing out some of the options, such as business phones that work with Skype accounts. However, there is still a range of options, such as the ability to make video calls from your desk.

Technology also means that a whole team can be involved in one group video call, even if they are in different physical locations. Microsoft now owns Skype, which opens up more possibilities as well. For example, the software can link-in to Microsoft Office. An Office subscription now includes some call time on Skype. Also, Skype business meetings can quickly be scheduled and coordinated with Outlook to invite various participants via email. Skype may not be be the first one that comes to mind when looking for an online meeting platform, but it certainly has a lot going for it.

2. Zoom online platform

If you are looking for a more dedicated business solution, then Zoom can be a great option. Despite not being part of a software suite such as Microsoft or Google, Zoom will still integrate into the calendar app of your choice for easy scheduling of your meetings. Zoom has a range of excellent features that will keep your meetings on track. You can expect high-quality HD audio and video, the safety that encryption provides, along with the convenience of group chat and recording capabilities. Zoom offers a range of online meeting tools designed for business that might just be the ideal option for your needs.

3. Google Meet

Google is already an excellent option for businesses because even if you use a domain email you can connect it to G Suite. This means you can take advantage of everything Google has to offer. Included within G Suite is Google Meet. You may well be familiar with Google Hangouts as a consumer user, and it’s the Google equivalent of Skype. Google Meet is basically the business version of Hangouts, so you can expect all the features you need. Of course, this includes dial-in numbers and encryption making it easy, safe and secure for everyone. Google Meet also works with other Google apps. So scheduling can be done via Google Calendar and Gmail and users can dial in through Android apps if travelling.

The world at your computer screen

It can be challenging when you need to conduct a business meeting but aren’t in the same location. However, it’s necessary to do it at times, so technology can come to your rescue in this regard. The online meeting tools listed here aren’t a ranking as such, and all of them provide excellent options for video and audio conferencing. So, check them all out and decide which one is ideal for your business needs according to the features and structure required.

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