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Thatch Finder is a growing online resource for roof thatching and thatched roofed buildings. Spread your knowledge or learn about thatching by becoming a member of our Forum. Find a roof thatcher, a thatched cottage for your next holiday, or a thatched pub to have a nice meal and a tipple on the business Directory. You can also browse photos of thatched buildings in our Galleries. 

Discover the world of roof thatching. Read articles on Thatch Finder about the ancient craft of thatching. Roof thatching has been modernised, updated, and is currently undergoing a Renaissance due to its beauty, and its green, eco-friendly credentials.

Thatch is a versatile and sustainable construction material. 

If you have an interest in roof thatching or associated trades and crafts, and you would like to write an article about it, please submit it here.

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Thatched Oak Gazebo in a Garden Setting

Thatch in the Garden

Enhance Your Garden with a Touch of Thatch Most of us know the old proverb “an Englishman’s home is his castle”. Well your garden, if you

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Thatched Roof in Poor Condition

Maintaining Your Thatch Roof

Get expert advice – This is most important. The wrong advice could be costly, and have a negative impact on the integrity of your thatched roof.

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Reed Thatched Cottage with Square Windows

Thatched Roofs – The Pros and Cons

Before we get to the condensed version I would like to knock a misnomer over on its backside. The ‘Warm in Winter – Cool in Summer’ trope that is ingrained in the psyche of many regarding thatched cottages. It is as true as it is false. It all depends; like in many things in life there are variations.

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