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some insights into the Wonderful World of Thatching

Read the Thatch Finder Blog to discover all the Unique aspects to Thatch – Thatched – Thatching. Find places to stay, to visit and to eat. With this blog we will attempt to enrich your self with photos, words and videos, descriptions, opinions and more. Come back to the Thatch Finder Blog once in a while and dip your toes into this World of Thatch.

Thatched Cottage Japan covered in Snow

Merry Christmas from Thatch Finder

Merry Christmas to you all from Thatch Finder. We wish you great happiness for this Festive time. Keep your friends close and your family closer. Love and Peace.

Thatched Pub in Fisherstown, County Laois, Ireland

Visit 2 Thatched Pubs in County Laois – Ireland

County Laois – The beautiful Irish County that is full of history, and a visual feast. You will also find beautiful thatched pubs in County Laois. Here are two of them you may want to visit.

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