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Knockadoon Thatched Cottage - Thatching Ireland

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Thatched Cottage in County Cork.

Thatched Cottage in County Cork, Ireland

This Irish Thatched Cottage was Thatched by Andy and Mike.

Thatching an Irish Cottage in Knockadoon, Cork.
Roof Thatching Ireland   Knockadoon, County Cork Thatched Cottage
Knockadoon Thatched Cottage   Thatching Ireland


Putting in the eve. Reed Roof Thatching in Ireland
Thatched Cottage stripped of the old thatch. Getting prepared to add on a new coat of water reed.

This cottage was rethatched with water reed. The thatching biddles came in handy, especially on the road side of the roof. 

Luckily, there were no incidents....

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