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Survey of Thatched Structures in Laois - 2007

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Survey of Thatched Structures in Laois - 2007

A handful of straw of perhaps a bundle. A ‘scollop’ is inserted into the old thatch at
one side of the new straw, bent across and the other end is pushed into the previous
thatch at the other side of the new straw. Then another scollop (preferably hazel) is
bent into form a staple and inserted into roof to hold 1st. scollop in position, this
‘staple’ is first hammered at point where it is to be bent by a stone or some other
heavy implement.

Approx 30 Pages. Text and images.



Have you any pictures of thatched buildings in County Laois? We would love to see them. {green}:hi:  

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