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Would You Buy 'Thatching and Thatch' if it went to print? Poll is created on Feb 12, 2021


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Thatching & Thatch

A concise guide to the craft in Britain and beyond.

If you want to find out about thatching in the UK then the website below is a marvellous resource. The author says there are 100 pages on the website so you will have plenty of reading. I have been keeping an eye on its progress over the years and it looks like it is finished. It is definitely a book I would purchase if it went to print. Would you buy a copy if it went to print? I will create a poll and hopefully we will get enough interest to encourage Hangstraw to get it printed.


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I just looked at AKA Thatch & Thatching. It is certainly impressive. Thanks for the link. Starry Eyes  

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