Work from home

Work from Home – 5 Benefits to being home-based

Are you thinking of working from home? Well here we give you 5 reasons to go for it.
Work from home

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Are you thinking of working from home?

Earning your income from home, as opposed to going out to work, is an increasingly popular option. If your line of work makes it possible to work from home and you value your home comforts, this could be the way forward for you. Okay, so being self-employed also means doing your taxes and financial planning, but you can always hire an accountant for that.  While it’s not for everyone, there are several benefits to working from home. Here are five of the many plus-points to consider, whether working for yourself or an employer.

1. Flexible working hours at home

As long as your work doesn’t include teleconferencing or online virtual meetings, you can work wherever you like. As long as nobody is going to see you, you can work in bed, in the backyard or even on the beach, if you like. You can work at a desk or cross-legged on the floor – or even swinging in a hammock if physically possible. If you fancy some background music you can go right ahead, with no boss or colleagues around to complain. Also, you can time your working hours to suit yourself. If you like to lie in bed until noon, you can start work after lunch and carry on through the small hours instead, assuming your work isn’t time dependent. What’s more, when you work from home you can fit your work around family commitments, such as fetching your kids from school.

2. No need to travel

When you start to work from home, you can say goodbye to daily double journeys and rush hour queues. While others are travelling, you can be using that time in more fruitful ways, such as lying in that extra time. Alternatively, you could take a bit more time for a relaxed breakfast and extra cup of coffee. Maybe give your dog a longer walk. If you’re a car driver, you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing your car is not contributing to air pollution.

3. Relaxed working conditions at home

Another benefit of working from home is that you will avoid the stresses of a shared workplace. You won’t be dogged by rat-race competition or have nagging supervisors breathing down your neck. Even if you’re working for a company, you’ll be at a comfortable distance from your bosses and colleagues. Again, unless you are having online meetings, nobody is going to see you when you work from home; except your cat or dog. So you won’t even have to dress up smart for the day. If you want to mooch around in your pajamas or dress up in dazzling colours, feel free.

4. Convenient for private life

If you have young children, in need of your care or company, working from home will be ideal. You will be able to enjoy their company and watch them develop, as well as sustaining the bond between you. Perhaps you have a partner or relative with support needs, in which case you’ll be around for them too. You can also see to domestic chores and other matters when you’re home-based, without having to ask permission or fill in a time sheet.

5. Financial savings

Working for yourself

If you work for yourself, you may have a range of overheads, depending on your type of business, but you will be certain to avoid certain expenses when you work from home. For a start, you’ll save the cost of travelling to and from a workplace – a colossal expense for some people. You can also cut out the costs of smart outfits and hair-styling that many workplaces require. At meal times, you can save money by eating your own food in your own kitchen, rather than forking out for canteen meals or take away snacks. If you have children, you can cut back on childcare costs by looking after them yourself and doing your work when they’re at school or in bed.

Working for an employer

If you work for an employer, you will make savings likewise, without any overheads to consider. You’ll also benefit financially from the relaxed atmosphere of home-working; your calm approach will be conducive to productivity and high earnings. If you have plenty of willpower for work, but like doing things your own way, you’re probably well-suited to a home-based career. If you want to set up your working tools in a boat on a river, that’s fine, but don’t expect an office tea trolley to come by.

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