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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays

Preparing ahead for the Christmas and New Year holidays this year can feel a little more stressful due to the unprecedented times. For this reason, it's important more than ever to take the time for family and enjoy the simpler things in life. Read on to discover some helpful tips and ideas that can make your holiday an enjoyable and relaxing occasion.
Hallstatt - Austria - Ferry on Lake

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5 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays

Current events brought many unexpected challenges that couldn’t have been prepared for when the new year was welcomed, celebrating the end of the previous 365 days, and looking forward to new goals and achievements. The pandemic halted the gathering of families over various events throughout the year, and while there have been provisions for social distancing, it’s simply not the same. 

What is the best way to enjoy this holiday season?

 Keep it simple and stay in touch with the people you love, even if by phone or online. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to contact loved ones and share the festive season, thanks to technology and social media, which is more accessible and available than ever. There are other ways to enjoy this year’s festivities that will keep you safe and happy.

1. Get Creative with Recipes

All those years of traditional cooking and expected meal selections can be set aside for something new, fun, and innovative. If you’re looking to change your dietary options or enjoy a specific type of eating, whether its keto, vegan, or paleo, you won’t have to live up to the expectations of a large family gathering, and instead, try something completely different, or a twist on a traditional favorite. Share your ideas online or in a chat with family and friends.

2. Take Time to Relax and Enjoy the Outdoors

The crisp winter air may be a deterrent for some people, especially if you’re accustomed to taking a vacation on the beach or in a warmer climate. During this holiday season, take advantage of some of the activities you can explore, whether you want to hit the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding or go tobogganing with the family. Ice skating at a local rink or building a snow fort can be a great opportunity to spend much needed time with close relatives or for a bit of solitude. A hike in a nearby forest is another refreshing way to enjoy snow-covered trees, fresh air, and natural beauty.

3. Schedule Time with Family and Friends Over the Holidays

Arranging a time to “visit” with the family online is an important way to stay in touch and cherish your relationship with everyone. You may find yourself more inclined to spend time with certain relatives than others, and now is a good opportunity to take advantage of this! Take more time for the people you are closest to, and while it may not be pleasant to cope with some conflicts that may arise between family members, you can control the amount of time and how often you spend with each group or individual. Reach out to friends who may be alone during this time of year, and anyone you want to stay in contact with throughout the season.

4. Focus on the Future

It may seem difficult at times, though the difficulties of today will slip into the past. There is a lot to look forward to in the new year, and planning isn’t as unrealistic as you may think! Reflect on today, and the past year, as it provides a chance to pause and reflect on what matters most. There were some significant changes for a lot of people, and while it’s important to acknowledge the impact this year has had on us, looking into the future can be an excellent way to set new goals while taking more time out of life to enjoy family, friends, and the simpler things in life. Instead of planning complex schedules and getting stressed about the new year, resolve to create more balance and enjoyment in life too.

5. Sharing Ideas and Time

Gift giving is a fun part of the holiday season, though with the economic impact this year, some people may not have the budget to afford the same presents as previous years. Sharing your time and ideas can be another way to give. You can prepare baked goods, drop them off for family and friends, or “visit” them online and cook a meal together remotely. One of the most precious aspects of life is time, and using it to bond with family and friends over the holidays is a great way to enjoy them.

Your holiday season doesn’t have to be hectic, with long line-ups for Christmas shopping and endless rushing to get the best sales. Instead, plan your shopping online and order ahead for turkey and other foods from your local market or farm. Support local businesses, focus on family and friends, and most of all, take a break to have a great time!

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