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Insurance - The Headache No Owner of a Thatched Building wants

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A House Fire can be Devastating

A house fire can be destructive, devastating, and life-changing. It is an event which most of us will never have to experience but, for the unfortunate minority of homeowners that do experience a fire, it can cast a dark shadow.

Anticipation and Preparation are Your Friends

Being prepared for all eventualities in our lives is an impossible task. It saps time and energy from us. Time and energy are often in short supply. Life can be hectic. But some things can't be left to fate. They need addressing so you are as well prepared as you could possibly be. One of these things, if you are the owner or an occupier of a thatched building, is to have adequate insurance cover. 

Adequate Insurance Cover

Generally, insurance premiums are higher for thatched buildings. There are multiple reasons for this extra cost and they can be, on reflection, quite reasonable and justified. A high proportion of thatched buildings are of non-standard construction. They can be hundreds of years old and built with cob, ancient oak, or infilled oak frames. There are, also, many other methods and materials. The list is long. These buildings are vernacular, unique, and, due to the lack of craftspeople possessing the required skills to rebuild these valuable heritage buildings, they do not come cheap. Yes, these buildings can be rebuilt, but they will lack the original character they did once possess pre the fire.

Happy friends sitting on rocks surrounding a camp fire
The only fire you may wish to experience

If at all possible find an insurance company that specialises in thatched buildings. They will have a much better understanding of the risks involved and you may get a much better deal. If your building is listed you should ensure that the insurance cover you take out is adequate to rebuild the building in a sympathetic way where you will be using traditional materials and skills. Market values often change as do costs of materials and skilled labour so the market value of your house may be much less that the rebuild cost. 

Hoping it Never Happens

Touch wood, ancient oak preferably, that you will go peacefully through life without too many unfortunate events. A house fire can be an event too far for most so try to be as prepared as possible and ensure your insurance cover for your beautiful thatched building is adequate. 

Good Life to You.

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