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Thatch Upkeep - Maintaining Your Thatch Roof

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Keeping Your Thatched Roof Maintained

We all grow older, get slower, then bits and pieces start wearing out. Everything ages. It is part of life. Some of us wear out faster than others do. A thatched roof is no different. Each and every thatched roof is as unique as every person. It has its own strengths, weaknesses, flaws, and character. 

Over time a thatched roof will start to look tired and worn. It will become far more rustic, which is not a bad thing in itself,  and will be calling out for a dose of tender loving care. A few repairs and preventative maintenance will extend the longevity of your thatched roof.

Get Expert Advice

Get expert advice - This is most important. The wrong advice could be costly, and have a negative impact on the integrity of your thatched roof.

  • Make a record of current condition - Take photos, or a video, and a few notes, recording as much detail of the roof, inside and out, if possible. Attempt to identify the materials and the techniques/methods used.
  • Figure out what has gone wrong, if anything - Is it a failure, or wear and tear? Try to discover the reason your roof needs repairing. It could be bird damage, rodents, storm damage, or a drone collision. Maybe, just maybe, it has worn with the passing of time.

Repairing a thatched Roof under a rainbow

  • Only fix what is needed - It can be tempting, then expensive, to try to go the extra mile. If your roof is very old it is better to just do enough to keep it functional. This will extend its life. It may not always look the prettiest. It will keep the water out.
  • Use the correct methods and materials - Backed by the advice from your expert you now must ensure the corrrect materials and methods are used to carry out the repairs. It is not always possible to source either the right materials, or the right skills, so you then become a victim of circumstance  and are at the mercy of supply and demand, these changing times. 
  • Document the repairs and maintenance - Add this to the details already recorded. Keeping a record of the works will be appreciated by many, including future tenants, the next thatcher, and heritage groups.

Just do the best you can

As stated earlier, it is not always possible to find the right people, materials, skills and advice. You will, at times, struggle to get the right help. Just do the best you can. If your house is listed life can be a little more complicated so do get, and keep, you local Heritage Officer on your side.

Good Luck.

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The Old Farmhouse at FortyAcres

Holiday Accommodation and Short Breaks in Daingean, County Offaly, Ireland. Cycling. Kayaking. Self-Catering.