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If you enjoy reading the content we publish on Thatch Mag, or are delighted that there is such a beautiful business directory, and forum, for you to add your product, business or your service to (where appropriate), and you would like to give us a wee helping hand, then here are a few things that you could do, if you so wish.

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The simplest thing you can do is to hit the share button. It costs you nothing, and it means an awful lot to us. We Love getting shared about so if you could oblige us will that small gesture……You will find plenty of share buttons throughout the Thatch Finder website.

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You will find the Facebook Like button on every article. It is Free to use and it can get you lots of Kudos from your friends when they discover the awesome content you have shared with them.

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You can follow us on Facebook or on Pinterest. That would be perfect. You could, also, join our Facebook Group, Thatch  Thatched – Thatching and discover other like-minded people, interact with the group and contribute to it, too.

Add Content

You can add content, making yourself semi-famous. Then you’ll be able to share that content out to your friends and associates; impressing them with your writing skills, and your talent for prose, photography and imaginative thinking. Add a Listing to the Directory. Submit an Article. Visit the Forum and get involved.

Use our Copywriting service

Another great way to support Thatch Finder is to employ our copywriter to rewrite your listing; making it SEO friendly and looking well polished and mistake free. Why not commission an article? Get a well written article espousing the greatness of your business, your product or your service. It will be seen by all the readers of Thatch mag.

Buy us a Coffee

The folks at Buy Me a Coffee have crafted a great way for you to support us here at Thatch Finder. We do get thirsty every now and again. Your support is much appreciated.