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Are you are a writer, blogger or just passionate about a particular subject? Are you looking for freelance writing jobs? Thatch Finder is on the lookout for article submissions on just about anything. We are especially looking for articles about the Roof Thatching industry. We would love to hear about your business, your experiences, your products and your life. Discover The Blog on Thatch Finder.

Do we pay for submitted articles? A deal could be done, Send us in your content, or make us an offer. 

We will link back to your own blog/website and if you become a regular contributor you will have your own access. If you want to make a deal with us please do get in touch.

We would love to see articles submissions concerning:

And Just about anything

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Not great at spelling, and punctua...punctuati...please don't be deterred. We have a roving editor onboard to tidy up the rough edges. Thatch Mag has employed the services of the skilled author, writer and photographer Ian Middleton to keep things polished.


We have made it as easy as possible for you to submit an article. All you have to do is write it, create a catchy title, choose your image(s), then upload it all using the form below. Please ensure all images are not more than 2000 pixels along its longest edge, and no less than 1280 pixels along the same.


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Once you have submitted your content we will check it out and publish it at an appropriate time. Do not worry. When you press the submit button your article will not be posted live onto Thatch Mag. It will be in draft form only and will only be published when ready.

Note: If we deem the content inappropriate we will not publish it. We will be in contact using the email you used upon submission of said content.

Copyright: You, as author, retain ownership of submitted content. You submit the content of your own free will, and under your guarantee that it is your content. If you submit an image which contains an identifiable person or persons, please ensure you have their permission to do so. We are happy to credit all content and images to their rightful owner(s). 

Payment: Currently all submitted content is voluntary. We will link to your website, blog, and promote your business where possible. We are not currently in a position to pay for content, unfortunately. However, writing for us will help build your portfolio to show when you are applying for other freelance writing jobs. If your work is good, you will be on our radar when we are able to start paying for articles.

If you have trouble using the form please email us and we can discuss alternatives.

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