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Lone Tree in Winter Snow
Tips and advice

Why You Should Consider Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that embraces living with fewer material possessions. A minimalist lifestyle can make life easier, reduce your workload at home and reduce stress. Here are a few benefits of becoming a minimalist.

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Tips and advice

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Holidays

Preparing ahead for the Christmas and New Year holidays this year can feel a little more stressful due to the unprecedented times. For this reason, it’s important more than ever to take the time for family and enjoy the simpler things in life. Read on to discover some helpful tips and ideas that can make your holiday an enjoyable and relaxing occasion.

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Thatched Roof in Poor Condition
Thatching World

Maintaining Your Thatch Roof

Get expert advice – This is most important. The wrong advice could be costly, and have a negative impact on the integrity of your thatched roof.

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Icecream and Strawberries
Food & Drink

How to Make Ice Cream with the Perfect Texture

How to ensure homemade ice cream has a pleasant texture. The trick described is adding one to two tablespoons of vodka to the desired recipe to prevent large ice crystals from being formed. These ice crystals are what create overly firm ice cream, so adding vodka makes the ice cream softer and more pliable.

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DIY Tool Kit

Signs That Your Home is Outdated and Needs Renovation

When living in a home, comfortability is a must all the time. Homeowners can do many things to their homes to ensure they can achieve maximum comfort. You have several options, such as adding unique furniture pieces, hanging decorative art pieces, or adding more books to read in the mini library.

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Air conditioner Units outside building

4 Tips for Maintaining Your Home AC

AC maintenance is an essential part of keeping your unit running properly. With the help of a trustworthy AC professional in your area and a little elbow grease of your own, you can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

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Man Remote working
Business Finance & Insurance

Navigating the Outsourced Career World

If the role of an “independent contractor” is a little daunting for you, some straight information could change your future for the better. First, a look at the benefits of self-employment should get your interest.

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Woman walking near water at sunset

Walk Tall

Everyone has down times, but if you feel strong in body, it’s easier to cope. Try to remember this when you’re feeling low. Stand up and stretch tall, rising on tiptoe and tipping your face up toward the ceiling, until you feel your whole body pull and stretch slightly.

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Rocket in Space with YouTube Logo
Advertising & Marketing

4 Tips for YouTube Success

Success on YouTube takes more than simply posting a video. To grow your YouTube channel, it’s important to be authentic, post regularly, be patient and engage your audience.

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Start Your Online Store - Make Money Online
Advertising & Marketing

Selling Online – Your Own Site or a Store Site?

Whether you’re a craftsperson who creates artworks or craft items and gifts, or a reseller of
products or downloadable materials, selling online requires decisions as to your online store

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Tiny House For Sale
Real Estate

How to Buy a Tiny House

If you’re thinking about downsizing in a big way, here’s how to buy a tiny house and simplify your life.

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Image by Mustafa shehadeh from Pixabay
Tips and advice

How to Avoid Family Fights During the Holiday Season

The summer holiday season is a time that many visit their families and have holidays together. Of course it’s also the time when the kids are home all day. Unfortunately, not all family members get along with each other all of the time. Here are some simple tips to avoid family fights.

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