Replace Vs. Repair: Commercial HVAC Considerations

Check out the several considerations if you need to do some repairs or maintenance on your HVAC system. Read the following article to discover more....

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Replace vs. Repair: Commercial HVAC Considerations

Any commercial building will always have an HVAC system. Over time, it will have several issues that will need working on. You can either have it repaired or maintained, depending on the situation. You need to know whether your HVAC system will need repairs or maintenance to ensure you spend your money correctly. 

Check out the several considerations if you need to do some repairs or maintenance on your HVAC system. 

Determine the Age of Your System

Like any other non-living thing, a time will come where your HVAC system will get different kinds of issues. An HVAC usually has a lifespan of up to 15 to 20 years. So if you notice your system falls into that range, it may be time to have it replaced rather than repairing it. A promising sign that your HVAC system needs replacing is when you spend more money on repairs than usual. Do not waste your time repairing an HVAC if it is only going to break after a few weeks or months. 

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Maintenance Costs

You have to keep track of the expenses that are going to the maintenance of the HVAC system. There are several factors when maintaining it. You can check with the HVAC company you are working with to know what they spend on reactive maintenance versus preventive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is when the person does the complete repairs after a piece of equipment has broken down. For preventative maintenance, it means merely doing repairs before a piece of equipment breaks down. If you keep spending on reactive rather than preventive care, that is a clear sign of replacing the HVAC system. 

Look for Signs of Deterioration

As an HVAC system gets old, there will be certain parts of it that will deteriorate. There are a few signs you can tell if an HVAC system is deteriorating like the duct systems leaking often or making noises when it runs. An HVAC system should never have any problems like these, although it is understandable if it happens every few months or years. The best option is usually repairing the damaged parts of the HVAC system. But if the issues are recurring, it would be best to replace it.

Do Some System Upgrades

If you want to boost your HVAC system’s performance, the best way is by upgrading it. It is also the best option when you have specific parts in the system that have problems. Instead of installing the same component all the time, it is practical to upgrade it instead. You have the choice to replace the entire HVAC system, or you can replace individual parts if you still have a new HVAC. Another good way of upgrading your HVAC system is to install HVAC access doors for easy access to the HVAC system in case of maintenance or repairs. 

Use the Latest Technology

You need to know the latest technological advancements in today’s world. You may not realize it, but using the newest HVAC system can grant you other benefits aside from the features it comes with it. Staying up to date with the latest HVAC system can also help you gauge whether you would want to keep using your old system or use an expensive, yet better one.

Are you planning to do some upgrades on your commercial building’s HVAC system? Ensure that you have HVAC access doors installed to ensure the HVAC contractors will not have any difficulty doing the job.


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