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If you had a thatched barn in your garden would convert it into a Brewery, a Gym, or a Granny Flat for the Mother-In-Law? Poll is created on Dec 14, 2021


Garden Structures - Thatch in the Garden

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Enhance Your Garden with a Touch of Thatch

Most of us know the old proverb “an Englishman's home is his castle”. Well your garden, if you have one, must certainly qualify as a refuge, and an escape, especially in this modern, hectic society.

Gardens are great

Of course they are. They're absolutely perfect. Take a quiet stroll. Play with the family. The dog. Relax in on an evening, with a tipple or three as company. Now well imbibed and relaxed, you cast glances here and there, serenely surveying, whilst planning the next project, the next shrub or flowerbed, you at home, in your little paradise. But something is missing....

Garden Shed with a Thatched Roof
A thatched garden shed. Perfect.

Add Some Thatch

We could all find a spot to set a beautiful thatched dovecote. You don't even need to add doves. The dovecoat could contain your secret garden stash, or a wildlife camera to capture the local foxes snooping about. A dovecote with a thatched roof would certainly sit well in most gardens. A beautiful structure to behold. Many an evening could be idled away admiring your beautiful thatch.

Having a thatched well in your garden would be bliss.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes so you have to make the right decision on what type of thatched structure your garden could accommodate. Your choices could range from a thatched barn all the way down to a thatched bird box. You could enhance your apartment patio with a delightful thatched bird box to encourage a pair of local birds to settle down and make a home. Or install a thatched gazebo for your family and your friends to rest, dine and socialise within. A thatched barn. Well. Into the mind flows a plethora of reasons to have a thatched barn, and its potential uses. The list could be endless. A brewery. A gym. An art studio. A photography studio. A homeschool? 

Thatched Ornamental House
Ornamental thatch. Perfect for tiny gardens.

The use does not matter. As long as it is there to look at from the patio in the evening, life will be good. 

All Power to You.

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