Thatched Pubs in County Offaly, Ireland

Visit 3 Thatched Pubs in County Offaly – Ireland

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Thatched Pubs in County Offaly, Ireland

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Visit 3 Thatched Pubs in County Offaly - Ireland

Iconic. That is all that can be said. But I won’t get away with a one word trope today. For sure I won’t. So here it goes. Three thatched pubs. Make a day out of it. A long and leisurely day. Anything less will be a sacrilege. Our starting point? Birr, in the lovely County Offaly.

Pub 1: The Thatch Crinkle

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This iconic Thatched Pub and Restaurant is situated just outside the centre of Birr, County Offaly. The Thatch in Crinkill offers delicious food, a delightful atmosphere and great pints. A visit to Birr without visiting this fabulous landmark would be sacrilege. Start your car and start your journey of thatched pub discovery. Begin your adventure having lunch here, at The Thatch in Crinkill, before  continuing  on, just up the road, to Dan and Molly’s in Ballyboy.

Pub 2: Dan and Molly's Pub - Ballyboy

Thatched Pub in Ireland

You will never want to leave this delightful thatched pub, once you settle in. Friendly and cosy, Dan and Molly’s will steal your heart. Folks travel from far and wide to get in the door when the trad music is playing, and when it is not. 

Call in for a game of cards, a chat, and a pint or your favourite tipple. Perch yourself on a stool and settle in. Dan and Molly’s pub is like the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but it will forever be in your heart. 

When you do manage to extricate yourself from under the thatch number 3 does await. Surely you must be getting peckish again. And how lucky you must feel for Hennessy’s, and a hearty meal, are on the horizon. 

Pub 3: Hennessey's of Ferbane

Thatched Gastropub in Ferbane, County Offaly, Ireland

Live music and great food await you at this gorgeous gastropub in Ferbane, County Offaly. From lunch to dinner, and Sunday dinner, you will not go hungry. Call in for a drink and a chat, a game of pool, and maybe stay for a meal, too. Don’t forget to check out the thatched roof.

Three great thatched pubs. What a day out. All you need to do is rope in a sober driver any away you go. Fantastic. Please share if you care.

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