Shepherd hut in the woods.

Why Staying in Shepherd Huts in the UK is a Growing Trend

Staying in Shepherd Huts in the UK is rapidly becoming very popular and even trendy. In this article we look at the reasons behind this.
Shepherd hut in the woods.

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The popularity of Shepherd Huts in the UK

People originally built shepherd huts as a place of refuge for rural workers. However, shepherd huts in the UK and around the world have reinvented themselves to fit into our times. Even though the sheep have gone, the beautiful landscapes surrounding the shepherd huts remain.

The UK is packed with ancient woodlands, green meadows and breathtaking scenery. Couples can choose from a variety of places for a romantic vacation. Families looking for a peaceful setting rather than a packed holiday resort would likely be more at home in a rural setting. Nevertheless, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So read on to find out everything you need to know about shepherd huts in the UK.

More affordable to holiday at home in the UK

Despite the breathtaking scenery, it’s easy to believe that the growing popularity of shepherd huts in the UK is due only to the beautiful settings. In truth though, many Britons are still recovering from the effects of Brexit. The recent devastating effect of Covid19, caused by the coronavirus, has also made overseas travel more difficult. The vast ecological diversity found all across the British Isles offers an affordable alternative to vacationing abroad.

Places like Norfolk Broads, Lake District, or the Scottish Highlands are becoming popular destinations for luxury campers (popularly known as “glampers”) all across the United Kingdom. This new glamping trend seeks to blend outdoor lifestyle and comfortable lodgings. Places like the Masons Arms in Somerset are expanding to also offer Glamping on their grounds. It represents a refreshing way to holiday outdoors. Of course, staying in a shepherds hut means you will be self catering. Therefore you are free to cook for yourself. You can buy your own food and even bring your own tea and herbs. Alternatively, you could visit a local business like Take a Break Tea and Herbs in Chatham, Kent.

British charm & modern comfort under one roof

Shepherds hut
A typical shepherds hut

As shepherd huts grow in popularity, the facilities that come with them have continually adapted in order to keep pace with the latest demands. Modern huts are well-designed and come with many amenities. These can include double glazed windows, indoor bathrooms, and fire pits — to name a few.

You can also buy huts prefabricated or tailored to suit your individual needs. Just think about it. Would you rather have that authentic rustic look that only wood can give? Or how about reducing your fuel consumption by making sure your hut is insulated? The opportunities for customizing your very own shepherd hut are endless. More importantly, it is affordable.

Shepherd huts in the UK - a home away from home

For many people, shepherd huts represent more than a weekend getaway location. In fact, a growing number of Britons have started vacationing in the UK. Some have even moved out to the countryside in search of a quieter lifestyle.

Many famous people also use a shepherds hut. Actress Liz Hurley bought one for her son. Former Prime Minister David Cameron also has one in his garden in the Cotswolds. The trend isn’t limited to celebrities alone though. Shepherd huts are gaining fame as the new must-have middle-class accessory. So more couples and families will continue to relocate to the countryside in the near future.

Shepherd huts have long been ubiquitous in the UK countryside. Mind you, it’s only recently that tourists have taken an interest in them. And why wouldn’t they? Shepherd huts are beautiful, close to home and comfortable. They are a wonderful way to put some country flavour into your relaxing holiday.

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