Insurance Cover for Young Drivers in the UK

Young Driver Insurance in the UK

Car insurance cover for young drivers is typically costly. A few strategies can be used in an attempt to lower that cost. What are they?
Insurance Cover for Young Drivers in the UK

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Young Driver Insurance in the UK

By Susan M. Keenan ©2009

For many young drivers, obtaining car insurance in the UK poses some difficulty. Most insurers do not offer cheap car insurance to young drivers due to their lack of experience.

Nonetheless, young drivers need to obtain car insurance cover if they intend to drive on the roadways. It simply is not worth the risk of driving on the roads without the proper coverage. The financial cost and legal difficulty that will occur if a young driver is involved in a motor vehicle accident without the proper insurance coverage is too great to take the risk of not obtaining the motor vehicle insurance. Typically, the cost of the car insurance is less than the cost of an accident.

Seventeen Year Old Drivers and Motor Vehicle Insurance

Seventeen year olds, in particular, are placed in a higher risk category that leads to more expensive rates even if they qualify to obtain car insurance cover with a particular company. Statistically, seventeen year old drivers are not as safe on the roadways as their elders. Unfortunately, this fact leads to higher premiums that are typically unrealistic for seventeen year olds who do not have the financial resources to pay for them.

Eighteen Year Old Drivers and Motor Vehicle Insurance

Eighteen year olds typically experience difficulty obtaining affordable car insurance coverage. Even though they have been on the roadways longer than seventeen year olds, they are typically placed in the same high risk category, leading to higher car insurance costs. While the cost of car insurance for young drivers is usually expensive, it is a necessary expense to drive on the roadways legally.

Nineteen Year Old Drivers and Motor Vehicle Insurance

Nineteen year olds have been on the roadways for two years in many instances, and yet their chances of obtaining cheap car insurance cover are slim. Searching for an insurer who specialises in young drivers car insurance might lead to less expensive rates for nineteen year old drivers. Additionally, following some of the tips provided might also assist nineteen year old drivers in obtaining affordable motor vehicle insurance cover.

Ways to Lower the Car Insurance Premium for Young Drivers

Fortunately, young drivers can use several strategies to try and lower the cost of obtaining car insurance cover. Storing the vehicle in a garage typically leads to a lower premium. Additionally, not driving lengthy distances and not driving on a regular basis typically leads to a cheaper premium cost.

Young drivers also have the option in many cases to get signed onto their parents’ car insurance cover. While this strategy typically leads to a more affordable cost at the time, in general, the young driver is not able to build up his No Claims Discount while on his parents’ policy. A few insurers do allow young drivers listed on a parent insurance cover to build up a No Claims Discount that they can use when they obtain their own car insurance cover with that same insurer.

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