Benefits of telehealth technology

How Telehealth Technology will Revolutionise the Healthcare Industry

Have you ever scheduled a doctor's visit online? Chances are you've already experienced the basic benefits of telehealth technology.
Benefits of telehealth technology

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The Benefits of Telehealth Technology

Have you ever scheduled a doctor’s visit online? Have you had a prescription delivered to your home, or spoken with a healthcare professional over the phone? If so then you’ve already experienced the basic benefits of telehealth technology. Telehealth is a concept that’s advancing very quickly and is revolutionizing the way we view and approach the healthcare industry. Simply put, the term “telehealth” refers to the administration of healthcare services via a digital medium.

Traditional doctor’s visits require patients to be present in an office. However, telehealth technology enables patients to receive the benefits of services or information they need wherever they are in the world.

Read on to learn about some of the key ways telehealth technologies will benefit and revolutionize healthcare.

Reducing Financial Burden

Potentially the most pressing concern associated with the modern healthcare industry is cost. In many areas of the world, patients simply don’t have the money to afford the rising costs of medicine and health services. Telehealth technology aims to change that. According to Kaiser Permanente, effective use of this technology could reduce the demand for resources that drive up the cost of healthcare. For example, diagnosing and treating patients remotely may allow medical facilities to limit clinic space. Additionally it could limit hospital visits, and monitor diseases without patients having to drive to their location.

Treating Patients More Beneficially

Imagine living in a world where your doctor had real-time updates about your health without you ever having to lift a finger. In many ways, this is already happening. CAIRE Inc., a medical supply company based out of Georgia has developed cost-effective disease monitoring software for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
CAIREview™, as they call it, closely tracks the patient’s oxygen usage via their portable oxygen concentrator. It also enables the oxygen supplier to monitor the integrity of the device, troubleshooting issues from anywhere in the world.

Reducing Hospital Admissions

Most people will do just about anything to avoid being admitted to a hospital. Just a day or two in a hospital can cost upwards of $1,000. That’s not including any medication or additional services you may need.

The truth is, many people could avoid being admitted to hospital if the benefits of telehealth could be realized more effectively. What’s more, it would allow doctors to track diseases and conditions remotely. Not only would this reduce costs for the patient, but it would cut costs for the hospital. This would allow them to pass some of those savings on to the patients who need to remain in the hospital.

Diagnosing Conditions More Quickly

Despite how advanced the modern healthcare industry is, many people still suffer from undiagnosed illnesses. When it comes to most chronic conditions such as cancer, COPD, diabetes, and heart disease, early diagnosis is imperative for improving survival rates. In other words, the sooner your doctor knows you’re sick, the better they will be able to treat you.

One of the many benefits of telehealth technology is that it would allow doctors and other medical professionals to track your health remotely. Plus, you wouldn’t have to schedule an appointment and miss a day at work. What’s more, they may be able to prevent viruses such as influenza from spreading by targeting them at their source.


Telehealth is a quickly advancing technology in the medical field. In the future, it may help to significantly reduce healthcare costs, expand access to more patients, treat patients more effectively, and limit hospital admissions. Have you experienced the benefits of telehealth technology yet?


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